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Media & News

15h November 2022

Lightup is now a licensed FDA (telecommunications operator) in Switzerland. The direct voice interconnection to Swisscom has been taken into operation today.

2nd February 2018

We just turned 20 today!

Domain Name: LIGHTUP.NET
Creation Date: 02-feb-1998

20th October 2017

The Virtual PBX of our service was awarded as one of the best telecommunications solutions of the year 2017.

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10th December 2015

Our telecommunications service callcheap,, which launched in early 2012 and had grown to be the largest German provider for free-of-charge international phone calls was relaunched in 2015 and has since become the provider of the most affordable unlimited plans for international calls. We're excited that, after our services globalnumbers and VoiceBridge were voted as the top solutions in the category Telecommunications / Voice-over-IP at the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT award in 2012 and 2013, this year callcheap made it as well!

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19th November 2014

Lightup's telecommunications service callcheap - - which launched in early 2012, has become the largest German provider for free-of-charge international phone calls over the course of the last 3 years. But the time has come for something new at callcheap: the cheapest unlimited international calling plans ever. Call as much/often abroad as you like starting at just 3,90 EUR per month. callcheap also has the lowest possible per-minute rates. United States, China, UK - and many more countries at well under 1 Cent per minute. Calls can also be made through Voice-over-IP, and thanks to the pre-configured Apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 as well as the pre-configured softphones for Windows, Linux and Mac even an inexperienced user can make his first phone call via VoIP and callcheap within 3 minutes after signing up.

15th April 2013

INNOVATION AWARD IT / IT best-of list: We're very happy to announce that after our service was chosen as one of the Top 20 most innovative telecommunications/VoIP solutions last year, our free and international telephone conferencing service VoiceBridge, which makes free phone calls between 60 countries possible, was chosen out of 4900 applicants this year and made it into the Top 20 as well!

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2nd February 2013

We're celebrating 15 years of Lightup Network Solutions today. Dear customers, we would like to thank you for your ongoing trust & business. Happy birthday to us!

27th September 2012

We're donating several hundreds routers, switches, CPUs, RAM sticks, power supplies and network and power cables to the Center for blind and visually handicapped students (BliZ) at the Technical University Central Hesse.

More information about the BliZ.

24th June 2012

INNOVATION AWARD IT / IT best-of list: We are very happy to announce that our service was chosen out of 2500 applicants as one of the Top 20 most innovative telecommunications/VoIP solutions of 2012!

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10th April 2012

One of the leading mail-order companies in Europe assigned us a 4-month consulting project focusing on IT Operations at their location in Frankfurt am Main.

12th March 2012

Free international calling with

A new service from Lightup Network Solutions: allows free or cheap calling to 160 countries worldwide

Frankfurt am Main, 12th March 2012 – Everyone who frequently calls abroad knows that such a call can become quickly quite expensive. remedies that situation: users that hold an unlimited or included minutes plans for German landlines or mobiles are now able to call abroad completely free of charge or at the price of a regular local or mobile call.

„Everyone who's in charge of an unlimited or included minutes plan can now call to more than 70 countries free of charge through our landline and mobile access numbers", explains Markus Stalder, CEO of Lightup Network Solutions GmbH & Co. KG and And for users that don't have an included minutes plan just the normal fee for a regular landline or mobile call applies.

Besides the two landline and mobile access numbers offers also two premium access numbers (01803 and 01805) which are not free but get charged at 9 or 14 Cents per minute (up to 42 Cents per minute when calling from a mobile), and through these numbers additional 90 countries can be reached.

Using is extremely easy: neither a registration, contract nor software is required. Just call one of the 4 access numbers, type in the number of the callee abroad, and you're connected - free or at a very low rate.

Additional information at

21st December 2011

Worldwide, modern, low-cost and privacy-protected telephony with

Lightup Network Solutions provides virtual telephone numbers in 63 countries to residential and business customers

Frankfurt am Main, 21st December 2011 – Calling abroad or calling back home is usually quite expensive - but by utilizing an own virtual telephone number in the country where family, friends, business partners or customers are at home, telephone costs can now get reduced dramatically. Since December 2011 Lightup Network Solutions provides, under the label, a novel telecommunications solution to consumers and SMBs, that, besides a virtual presence in more than 60 countries, also allows extremely cheap international calling.

„Especially businesses can now easily create a worldwide presence and increase their global reach", explains Markus Stalder, CEO of Lightup Network Solutions GmbH & Co. KG and „The incentive for customers abroad to call a foreign business at the price of a local call should not be underestimated."

Through an online self-service portal the customer can comfortably and instantly set where incoming calls should get forwarded to: Skype, Google Talk, a Voice-over-IP provider of choice, a regular landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world or to a custom SIP-, H.323- or IAX-destination. Existing telecommunications hardware as well as the existing telephony providers need not to get changed; the web-based customer portal can be used intuitively.

Further advantages of an own virtual telephone number:
- Privacy: Whenever there's a need to publish your own telephone number, globalnumbers' virtual telephone numbers protect your privacy
- Eliminate all roaming fees when travelling abroad

For further information:

13th April 2010

The 4th largest market research company worldwide awards us the contract for a 3-month Linux (SLES, RHEL) consulting project in Nuremberg.

10th March 2009

Europe's largest telecommunications company assigns us a 12-month Linux consulting project at their location in Ulm.

8th October 2008

Lightup Network Solutions receives the award for a 3-month Linux (RHEL, CentOS) consulting project at an international IT finance provider in Frankfurt.

2nd February 2008

Lightup Network Solutions (a.k.a. lightupNET) turns 10. Happy birthday!

Domain Name: LIGHTUP.NET
Creation Date: 02-feb-1998

1st September 2006

Tiscali Business just opened up their carrier PoP in the data center of Lightup Network Solutions. Tiscali Business focuses on providing and implementing IP transit, streaming solutions and large VPNs.

1st May 2006

Lightup Network Solutions sells their label "ValueSERVER" to Inline Internet Online Dienste GmbH.

Lightup was offering Dedicated Servers focusing on price-conscious retail customers under their label "ValueSERVER" since August 2004. Inline will continue to host the customer servers in the "ICT Hotel" data center operated by Lightup Network Solutions. Lightup was looking to exit the retail market in order to focus stronger on ambitious business customers. By selling ValueSERVER and through the transition of all webspace and domain customers to lightupNET Webhosting e.K. Lightup has accomplished that goal.

28th April 2006

GasLINE is now available as an additional carrier in the data center of Lightup Network Solutions. GasLINE is focusing on providing "dark fiber" transport capacity and owns and operates more than 7800 km of fiber in Germany.

15th March 2006

Germany's probably fastest WiFi hotspot at Lightup Network Solutions.

Lightup provides free WiFi internet access to all tenants, visitors and, of course, Lightup customers, in the prestigious Atricom building in Frankfurt am Main. Customers that are performing server maintenance in Lightup's data center can therefore quickly and freely access or download necessary data (ISO installation images, manuals etc.). The access points are directly connected to the Lightup backbone and allow for a effectively useable data throughput of 25-30 Mbps (3.2-3.8 MByte/s). A public IP address gets assigned to every user automatically via DHCP. The SSIDs are lightup-ap01-a (802.11a) and lightup-ap01-b (802.11b/g). The radio signal can be picked up everywhere in the interior zone (incl. the food court) of the building.

1st March 2006

As of the end of February Lightup Network Solutions spun off all webspace and domain customers into the recently founded lightupNET Webhosting e.K. with CEO Daniel Rieger. All webspace servers continue to be hosted in Lightup's data center. The spin-off is part of Lightup's strategy to exit the retail market and to increase the business focus on demanding corporate customers.

27th February 2006

Lightup Network Solutions takes new website online.

2nd February 2006

We're celebrating our 8th birthday.